With Farmers now needing more silage for livestock during the winter months, due to our winters starting earlier & livestock being housed sooner, so to prevent tramping the land, the need for an extra tractor to bring in the Silage/Maize crops etc,  always comes in useful, just another one of the services we can be available to do, to ease that unneeded pressure.
Round Bale Haulage

We can undertake the complete or part job of transporting your round bales of silage/hay/haylage from the field to wherever they are going to be stored. We also can stack the round bales in the field.

Grass and Weed Topping
We provide an excellent Grass and Weed Topping service to keep your fields in great shape and to stop the spread of weeds before they flower and to keep your grass coming with a thick soul and a fresh bite for your livestock, a service that has got very popular over the years.
Slurry Mixing & Spreading
As slurry is now a valuable fertilizer, we will make sure you get the most from it. We can undertake full or part of the job in the mixing & then the spreading of slurry to your desired fields, whether it be on arable land or grassland. We can do full or part job at very reasonable rates. Tanker is fitted LGP tyres to minimise ground compaction and allow spreading to take place in wetter conditions. .

Grassland Soil Aerating and Spiking

dRelieves compaction problems on pasture land, sports fields, race courses etc. by penetrating through the hard surface layer with robust blades allowing drainage of surface water, improved aeration and root development. Lets air, fertilizer, slurry etc. This enables it to access the root system quicker, allowing much improved grass growth. This saves you the expense of fertilizer costs, as well as gets you to most out of your farmland.

"We offer an attractive discount if paid promptly"


We can undertake the job of transporting your round bales of straw/wheat from your arable fields to wherever they are going to be stored.
We offer part or full service for the transportation of round bales of silage and haylage. We also can carry out slurry mixing and spreading, grass and weed topping and round bale haulage.
We specialize in the Power Washing of Cattle Houses, Cubicle Houses, Milking Parlours, Calf/Sheep Pens, Silos, Cattle Yards and Pig Houses.
We are also available for Tractor & Driver Hire for any of your agricultural needs, short or long term.