In the past we also have been asked if we would lend a helping hand in back filling shores, where we put stones into shores & then covered over with soil using our land leveller, a job we thought we would never be asked to do, but just goes to show that even the simpliest jobs can be asked to do & since that we have been asked to consider doing more for another farmer.

Power Washing
To help keep the health of your livestock as a number one priority, hygiene is very important to us, so we specialize in the Power Washing of Cattle Houses, Cubicle Houses, Milking Parlours, Calf/Sheep Pens, Silos, Cattle Yards and Pig Houses.
 Also all types of Farm Machinery brought back to new condition, infact anything that’s dirty, we will bring it back to looking like new again. You’ll not be disappointed.
Log Splitting
With the increasing cost of oil we were asked by a few customers do we do log splitting, and with demand we purchased a Heavy Duty Log Splitter. Our Heavy Duty Log Splitter will soon make short work of that tireless job of splitting logs. Especially made to order with a 20 ton ram it will have your logs split in no time no matter how long they have been seasoned for, logs can be split in field, your yard or even on our own premises.
Post Driver
This is how it all started, as we purchased a Post Driver to do our own work on the farm, a local neighbour called to ask if he could hire this machine from us and after much discussion, we decided to do it for him and then
another farmer seen us using the Post Driver effortlessly putting in the posts, so he asked us to do his fencing posts for him. The Post Driver will knock/drive in strainers or telegraph poles up to 8ft long and standard fencing posts  with ease, so take the unpleasant job of putting posts in with a sledge, the quicker and better way of erecting fencing posts, by contacting us to complete the job for you, you’ll not be disappointed.
Low Loader Haulage
With the price of machinery increasing, we were asked by a local dealer did we provide any type of haulage for general agricultural products, so we thought we would invest in a Low Loader to do this, so we have now got the ability to deliver the following in large numbers, saving the farmer time & money away from the farm.
Pallets of Fertilizer, Meal, Bales of Silage, Hay, Straw, Concrete Blocks/Brick, Slats/Slabs & Fencing Posts, Plastic/Concrete Pipes, Field gates, Lengths of Timber, Firewood & Steel, Sheets of Tin, Vehicle/ Digger Recovery can also be under taken. Infact anything that needs moved from A to B we can undertake the job for you, with no fuss & competitive rates
Land Rolling
Another important job that we do for local & further afield land owners is the Rolling of the ground, prior to silage/hay being cut, or if ground has been tramped by livestock due to a wet season, or even after the crop has been newly planted in the ground, i.e. barley/wheat, we can do this job for you.
Looking to sell?
We are always on the look out for farmers selling some of their products, eg Round Baled Silage, Hay & Straw etc.. So if you are selling products whether livestock feeding or machinery get in touch, as we may have a contact to turn your unwanted product into money.
"We offer an attractive discount if paid promptly"


We can undertake the job of transporting your round bales of straw/wheat from your arable fields to wherever they are going to be stored.
We offer part or full service for the transportation of round bales of silage and haylage. We also can carry out slurry mixing and spreading, grass and weed topping and round bale haulage.
We specialize in the Power Washing of Cattle Houses, Cubicle Houses, Milking Parlours, Calf/Sheep Pens, Silos, Cattle Yards and Pig Houses.
We are also available for Tractor & Driver Hire for any of your agricultural needs, short or long term.