quad bike Locks

Simple, low cost and highly effective - the Quadlok can physically immobilise any Quadbike or ATV
Fixed Position

For a permanent position the base plate can be bolted to a concrete floor or metal container using shear bolts or standard bolts with Rawlplugs or similar – Note if using standard bolts they must be touch welded – or it can be welded to the container or even bolted/welded to a large RSJ or similar.

The bar of the Quadlok will fit most heights and the lock itself fits any 50mm ball coupling – always touch weld the nut/bolt on the coupling. The hardened steel pin is locked into place with the 10 pin barrel lock with over one million combinations, drill proof centre and keys that cannot be duplicated by locksmiths .As the Quadlok will lay on the floor when not in use then it is possible to drive over it. Therefore more than one vehicle can be stored in a container for instance.

Non-fixed Position or for use on site
The Quadlok Head Only can be used along with Lincmaster HD Security Chain to secure to any available point – a post, column, trailer, vehicle, tree etc. 13mm shortlink HD Security Chain complete with double reeving eyes is resistant to files, hacksaws, levers, freezing, 4 foot boltcroppers and is difficult to cut with power tools.



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